Beyonce’s Going To Get Her Ass Whipped and Etta James claims she’s going do it

There is a cat fight brewing between Beyonce and Etta James.  Understandably, Etta has a reason to be miffed.  Beyonce sang her song “At Last” for the new President and First Ladies’ first dance on Inauguration night.  Fierce Kitty Etta showed who the real Diva was when she blasted Beyonce during her concert in Seattle a few nights ago. She told the crowd: You know, YOUR President, the one with the big ears-he ain’t MY President–had that woman singing for him at his Inauguration.  She’s going to get her ass whooped….Beyonce…I can’t stand Beyonce.”

She went on asking “How dare Beyonce sing MY song that I been singing forever.  Now I’m going to sing it for y’all….”  Even the Seattle papers were shocked.  We always knew Ms. Etta was fiesty, but wow! 

  • VirgoDiva

    Good for her! I can’t stand Beyonce either! She is NOT all that and there are MANY other celebs that are a 1000 times hotter than her and her songs are just annoying, can’t she come up with something instead of repeating the same stupid line over and over! And what’s up with the hand in front of her face thing?