Accident Victim Puts AnnaLynne McCord’s Phone Number On Facebook

So what do you do when you get into a car accident with a celebrity who has basically turned a blind eye to your claims? You get revenge, that’s what!

The victim, Aaron, said that AnnaLynne McCord was cordial on the scene of the accident and even taking the blame for the accident she caused. Apparently she hit him with her sister, Angel’s car. But when it was time to pony up for the insurance claim, she tried to claim ignorance.

The owner of the Mini Cooper, Angel McCord got upset when Aaron tried to file an insurance claim.

TMZ reports:

That’s why Aaron says he was shocked a few days later when he received a very angry phone call from Angel McCord — who cussed him out for filing an insurance claim.

Aaron tells us he didn’t get mad, he got even — posting AnnaLynne’s phone number on his Facebook page so his 361 friends could “call her and let her know what a deadbeat she is.”

This is awesome. Good for him for calling her out on this. People have got to learn to take responsibility, whether they’re a celebrity or not. I would’ve done the same thing. Wouldn’t you?