John Lennon’s Murderer Mark David Chapman Up For Parole… Again

Imagine the outrage there would be if Chapman got parole?    This bastard shot the gentle Beatle John Lennon, the primary creative genius of the world’s most popular and important band 4 times outside his apartment building, killing him in cold blood.    Chapman was sentenced to 20 years to life and has been denied parole 5 times so far.    Yoko Ono, John’s wife has made a special plea that Mark be denied parole citing her fear that she or her children could be at risk if the murderous lunatic is released.    There is no justification for allowing Chapman to get back his life after he cruelly and selfishly took John Lennon’s. 

Chapman says that he murdered Lennon because he had been seeking notoriety and fame to counter feelings of failure.  Well that is fine and dandy but what I see is that a young man plotted and schemed to murder a famous star and if he is ever allowed to regain his freedom the message sent to other would be notoriety seeking savages could have dire consequences for many of today’s top stars.    Can you imagine Chapman doing the talk show circuit – maybe a reality TV show like “How to Stalk a Celeb.”  No – we do not want parole for Mark David Chapman – he does not deserve it.   He took away from the world a man responsible for a tremendous amount of joy and happiness – John Lennon was a great man who had many years of productive contribution remaining – because of Chapman we will never know what Lennon could have done and what we will forever miss.