Justin Bieber Says Selena Gomez Is Awesome

Justin Bieber Says Selena Gomez Is Awesome

The big question on all the  Belieber’s minds is whether Justin Bieber, 16,  is dating Selena Gomez, 18?  One thing Celeb Dirty Laundry can tell you for sure Justin thinks Selena is awesome.  However has not yet confirmed the status of their relationship!  Justin has said he is amazed but all the fan frenzy about whom he is dating and whether he is dating.

He recently said about Selena: “She’s really cool.   She’s an amazing person.   I think that people are always gonna be interested in my personal life … but I gotta keep some things to myself.   I’m just having fun being a teenager.”


What do you think about Justin and Selena’s relationaship?  Pals or boyfriend and girlfriend?

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  • biebz fan #1

    HE LOOKS TALLER THEN SELENA GOMEZ (i think she is 5’5″) meaning he is like 5’6″ish!!!

  • ema

    i HOPE theyre boyfriend/girlfriend!! omg theyre the cutest 2gether!!! really hope it works out between the 2 of them!!!!

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  • alina

    heiiiiiiiiii bieb’s wats upppp m alina
    wat iz dissssssss i mean u dnt evn suit 2 selena i no its ur choice bfr u do anythng u shld thnk 1 tim abt ur fans i mean abt ur girl fans
    u no wen i saw d newz dat u gav selena a daimond braclt i flt vry sadbt i no its ur choice bt mmmmmmmm
    i waz so sd by hrng d nwzzzzz k b wawake nxt tim u do wat evr u want bt 1 time u thnk abt ur fans imean girlk byeee takcare love love love love love love yyyyyyyyyuuoooooooooooo umahhhhhh my hahbibee(love)\\\\