Lindsay Lohan Involved In A Three-Way Sex Tape?

Lindsay Lohan Involved In A Three-Way Sex Tape?

Reports have surfaced across the internet that fallen actress Lindsay Lohan might be involved in a three-way sex tape that has just leaked.

The culprit? A strange invite on Facebook that’s making the rounds. The invite offers fans a glimpse of Lindsay, front and center in a sex tape, with two other people.

The invite appears in several different variations, including, “This is Lindsey Lohan’s Just leaked Celeb Sex Tape,” “This is Lindsey Lohan’s Having a THREEWAY on Camera,” and “Lindsey Having Sex with HOT Girl.”

It is said to be jam-packed with a virus, so warn anyone you know that may want to open this link. Once a user opens the invite, the message says, “Do not ask how I got this video. No one has seen this sex tape except for the people invited to this event (And seriously guys…DONT tell anyone that I posted this…ESPECIALLY anyone in the media!)”

Warn your friends, especially the pervy ones. No kidding. Do it now.