Playboy Playmate Ashley Hobbs Wants Fergie To Strip For Playboy

Playboy Playmate Ashley Hobbs Wants Fergie To Strip For Playboy

Playboy’s December Playmate of the Month, Ashley Hobbs, says that she would like to see Fergie strip off nude for an issue of the men’s publication — but that’s not all! She also wants to buy Justin Bieber an entirely new wardrobe, as well.

In a new interview, she talked of her holiday plans, Justin Bieber and the one celebrity she wants to see naked for Playboy.

Here’s an excerpt:

Which celebrities do you have a crush on or think are insanely hot, and why?

I think Georges St-Pierre is insanely hot because he’s an athlete in great shape, sports a speedo and has an even more insanely hot foreign accent.

What celebrity would you like to see go nude for Playboy?

I would actually love to see Fergie pose nude.What’s getting the most spins on your iPod lately?

Team Edward or Team Jacob?

That’s a tricky question… I have read all the books and have watched all the movies so books wise, I would be Team Edward, but movie-wise I would be Team Jacob because he’s hotter.

OK… on to the holidays. What would you buy Justin Bieber for Christmas?

I think I would buy Justin Beiber a new wardrobe because some clothes he wears are ridiculous… just being honest.

What celebrity would you love to invite over for Thanksgiving dinner?

I would invite Johnny Depp to my Thanksgiving dinner because he’s cute, seems easy to talk to and seems to be a very nice guy.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, what’s your go-to dish?

I would have to say that the whip up dish that I feel is easiest for me is my mom’s pumpkin pie after she gives me the recipe.

What celebrities would you like to see stripping down for Playboy? And, I have to ask, what would you buy Justin Bieber for Christmas if given the opportunity?