Dakota Fanning Is College Bound! Vote On A Major For Her!

Dakota Fanning Is College Bound! Vote On A Major For Her!

Dakota Fanning, the fun little star with some major acting chops, is currently scouring the east coast for potential colleges to attend in the coming year. Allegedly (I’m just starting to realize how frequently this word is used in the celeb world), the star has already toured NYU.

Her sister, Elle Fanning, who is currently in middle school had this to say: “I’m in middle school, so I’ll be going into eighth grade. We go to the same school, and I also wanna go to college and she’s going to college.”

I don’t have anything snarky or borderline snoody to say about Dakota Fanning because I think she’s a pretty classy/fancy lil’ lady, and I think it’s pretty awesome when young actors/actresses feel the need to further their education. But, what I do have is a poll. I absolutely love polls. As always, I can count on our readers to help me out. What should Dakota study in college?

Image Credit to: Flashpoint / WENN.com

  • Anonymous

    Psychology and History. Both could add a deeper understanding of serious roles. I would think, for example, that some study of mental disorders would help with, at least, some roles. If she needs to put a psychopathic persona on the screen, then Robert Hare’s book “Without Conscience” should be helpful. History informs us about the ideas, values, and choices of people and the consequences of those choices.

    Anyway, when she gets settled, it would be interesting if some interviewer would ask Dakota what she was studying and how she sees its relation to her career. 

    • http://www.celebdirtylaundry.com/author/nick/ Nicholas Sanford

      You’re right! It would be very interesting to see how different forms of education influence an actor’s career/different roles. This would make an excellent thesis project for any cultural anthropology majors out there. Thanks for your thought-provoking comment! We love comments from our readers — y’alls words stimulate us in wonderful ways. Hope to hear from you again sometime!

      — Nick S.

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