Lady Gaga Says Women Must Make Men Wait For Sex

Lady Gaga Says Women Must Make Men Wait For SexLady Gaga has come out with some old-fashioned attitudes towards sex not in keeping with her generally avant garde image. For example Gaga claims that she would never have sex early on in a relationship.

Sexually traditional Gaga is dating ‘Vampire Diaries’ actor Taylor Kinney and naturally believes it is important to always practice safe sex – well that’s a no-brainer. But she also wants young women to “honour their body” by not “putting out” too soon. Quite a contrast from the typical rapper mentality – the one they rap about in which women are nothing BUT sex objects. Will Gaga come into conflict with jerks like Chris Brown?

Gaga made it clear that sex must be taken seriously: “It’s always been important to me, as it’s for my generation, a most relevant consideration when you’re growing up. Sex doesn’t mean nothing; sex means so much.”

“I hope that young women know that sex is still a big deal, and they don’t have to put out soon. If they want someone to court them for a while before they give it up, that’s wonderful and beautiful, and a man will only respect you more for honouring your body. I am that way.”

So what Gaga is saying, in other words, is that once you put out for a man he loses respect for you. This is what moms have been telling their daughters forever! And the daughters usually don’t listen… .

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