Lindsay Lohan Tells Friends She’s Done Clubbing Forever

Lindsay Lohan Tells Friends She's Done Clubbing Forever

Lindsay Lohan is telling all of her friends that she is done with the club scene — as in — FOREVER!

I guess spending a whopping three months in rehab really does change a person’s entire outlook on what’s important in their lives. Who are we kidding?!?? Lindsay loves drugs like a fat kid loves cake (ha!), so by her statement, we’re just taking it to mean that she can get her fix at home.

TMZ has the goodies:

Sources close to LiLo tell TMZ she is “completely over the club scene” — no more “I’ll just have water, thanks” — and realizes that cutting it out completely is the best chance for her to avoid temptation and remain sober.

We’re also told the no clubbing pledge extends to her friends as well — as in she’s going to stop hanging out with the people that only used her to party.

Do you buy this?