Prince Harry On His Way To Las Vegas To Party Up A Storm

Prince Harry On His Way To Las Vegas To Party Up A Storm

We all know how Prince Harry likes to party hardy and now Harry is on his way to Sin City with casinos, nightclubs and strippers galore.  The 26-year-old Prince Harry just got back from enjoying a Bank Holiday break on a yacht off the island of Hvar.  While there he decided to take the party to a nigthclub at 2am.  Harry wound up fully clothed and in the swimming pool at a Croatian nightclub this weekend.

Harry was recently promoted to captain and will be in Las Vegas for 2 days with fellow pilots during a tough 12-week helicopter course that’s part of his Army training.  A source said: “It’s ­traditional that guys on his course, which is split between California and Arizona, have a break in Vegas at the halfway point. The course doesn’t have much downtime – it’s pretty ­intense. This is a chance for pilots to let their hair down, kick back and enjoy ­themselves.”

Can you just imagine all the trouble Prince Harry will get into?  He is known as a hard partying guy and he will certainly find a lot of partying in Las Vegas.  They say what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, but I think poor Prince Harry won’t be able to keep any of his shenanigans quiet!

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