Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie Finally Get Kate Middleton And Prince William At Home

Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie Finally Get Kate Middleton And Prince William At Home 0622

Art aficionado and royally obsessed quasi-stalker Brad Pitt just threw down some serious cash so he and Angelina Jolie could stare into Kate Middleton and Prince William’s eyes for the rest of their lives.

The Sun reports Brad’s trying to fill up his days while Angie films Maleficent in England so he’s combining his new two favorites things – the royals and art. He bought three pieces from hot graffiti artist Bambi, including a canvas of the Cambridges and images of the Queen and Amy Winehouse. I wonder what the Queen would make of her portrait being added in that mix.

It’s no secret that the royal wedding made an impact on the Brange. Angie’s love affair with Kate has gotten so out of control that it’s been rumored she’s basing her wedding dress off of Kate’s Alexander McQueen gown. But it hasn’t stopped at them just salivating from afar. Brad and Angelina are even orchestrating an Olympics bash before the games begin and are doing everything in their power to make sure the royal couple make an appearance.

Is Brad a serious art lover or have his royal-loving tendencies gotten out of hand? Can it be a little bit of both? Brad does know his stuff when it comes to art and architecture. He’s done the work and the research. The Sun source also said he’s picked up a Banksy while in London, which is another important British artist in case you didn’t know (I didn’t). He also just got back from Germany where he attended the Documenta which is a major exhibition of modern and contemporary art that takes place every five years. So he considers himself quite the connoisseur.

Fine, you can appreciate art and be a stalker. Lots of people multitask nowadays… just saying. Do you think Brad’s appreciation leans towards the artist or the object? And if Kate and Will do make an appearance at Brad’s bash, who you do you think will be more nervous? I think Brad might have to hold back some tears of joy but he’s been looking so fine lately Kate might get the giddy giggles. I can’t wait for that party!

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