Heejun Han’s Comeback Performance On American Idol (Video)

Heejun Han's Comeback Performance On American Idol (Video)

Heejun Han was the standout performer on American Idol’s Top 9 Performance show. The guy who’s often joking around and accused of not taking himself seriously pulled an amazing performance out of the bag and received a standing ovation. It’s being called his best ever performance on the talent show. Did you watch it? We recapped it here for you

If there was any ever doubt Heejun could sing – he proved everyone wrong tonight! The Judges were really impressed when he belted out ‘A Song For You’ by Donny Hathaway – their comments said it all. Steven Tyler was blown away ‘You did it, man. You turned it around. Just now, you let that song sing you’. Then Jennifer Lopez dished the compliments ‘You know, people don’t realize you don’t make it this far by mistake. When you connect and you really sing to us, you move people.’ The praise kept coming from Randy JacksonIt wasn’t perfect, but what I loved … you have that buttery, that beautiful tone. Finally, that Heejun that we selected came back to us tonight.

The Idol mentors Stevie Nicks and Jimmy Iovine also loved Heejun’s take on the classic. So you’d have to think he’s redeemed himself big time! Will he get enough votes to sing another day? The public will be the Judge of that.

Check out his performance and tell us what you think? Were you pleasantly surprised? Did it give you goosebumps? Has he just cemented his place in this competition?