Jim Belushi Busted For Marijuana By Massachusetts Police

Jim Belushi Busted For Marijuana By Massachusetts Police

Jim Belushi has been busted by police in Massachusetts after they found a marijuana joint in his pocket.  Jim landed at the Martha’s Vineyard airport on Friday when Transport Security Agents found the joint.

Jim tried the old medical marijuana card trick to explain away his problem but of course a California medical marijuana card didn’t impress the agents.  But instead of hauling Jim’s butt to jail they let him off with a warning… but took his drugs!

Jim’s brother John Belushi famously overdosed and died from a speedball – an injection of heroin and cocaine – administered by fellow junkie Cathy Smith at the celeb hangout Chateau Marmont in 1982.

TMZ has the exclusive:

Jim Belushi just learned a valuable lesson — don’t fly into Martha’s Vineyard with a fat ass joint in your pocket … unless you wanna lose it. 

Sources tell TMZ, Jim was at the uppity Martha’s Vineyard airport on Friday — when TSA agents discovered a marijuana cigarette on the actor’s person.

We’re told Jim tried to justify his pot by brandishing his California medical marijuana card — but he quickly learned … medical marijuana cards don’t mean jack in Massachusetts.

We’re told the West Tisbury Police were notified … but since the amount was so small — and marijuana possession has been decriminalized in Massachusetts — cops just confiscated the drug and let Jim off with a warning.

Total buzz kill. Calls to Jim’s camp were not returned.

These celebs sometimes blow my mind.  In the post-911 world they carry dope on a plane?  I mean grow a brain Jim!  Or were you too stoned to remember that you were carrying the joint?


  • Nightowl

    What was the medical for – special needs?