Kate Middleton’s Push Present From Queen Elizabeth: Prince William Will Be The Next King!

Kate Middleton’s Push Present From Queen Elizabeth: Prince William Will Be The Next King!

When Prince William and Kate Middleton were to be married, Queen Elizabeth gave them the titles of Duke and Duchess of Cambridge as a wedding gift.  So now that Duchess Kate is pregnant with a royal heir, how do you top that?  Well in Queen Elizabeth’s case she will gift another title.

After a visit with the British cabinet earlier this month it is more and more likely Queen Elizabeth has secured Prince William’s post as King; completely bypassing his father Prince Charles.  Why would she have Charles passed up for the throne?  Camilla Parker-Bowles, of course.  Come on…no one likes Camilla.  Everyone LOVED Princess Diana and Camilla is just a constant reminder that Prince Charles is a weak man;  a cheater.  Who wants a weak King sitting on the throne?  Charles and Camilla will never have the love of the people.

CDL exclusively previously reported that Queen Elizabeth promised the Duchess that she would make Prince William king once she got pregnant and had a child.  The Queen is now making good on that promise.  Prince Charles must be feeling like poo knowing that he will never be the king.  Just like Prince Harry, Prince Charles was oh-so-close.  Always a bridesmaid, never a bride, eh Charles?

Becoming a grandfather will definitely be bittersweet for Prince Charles.  He and Camilla what have to sit back and watch what might have been.  All of Camilla’s scheming to be a part of the royal family and sit on the throne has come back to bite her in the arse.  Karma is a bitch and this is a prime example.

What do you think readers?  Will Prince Charles be resentful of his son, Prince William?  Will he be resentful of his grandchild?  Will Camilla conspire once more to ensure her spot in royal history?  We shall see.

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  • Emmie Faison

    I know this is a big fat lie! who told you this camilla parker bowles of her family. Catherine has not said that or would ever say that. no wonder you are call the dirty laundry you can’t tell the truth.