Kate Middleton’s Test Tube Babies – Royal Family Hides The Truth – Twins or Triplets Expected!

Kate Middleton’s Test Tube Babies – Royal Family Hides The Truth - Twins or Triplets Expected!

Everyone is rejoicing now that Kate Middleton is at last pregnant, even though they are hiding the truth about the nature and circumstances of the pregnancy, according to GLOBE. Prince William is overjoyed that he will be a dad and satisfy his duty to Queen Elizabeth to produce an heir to follow him on the throne.  Nevertheless the future King of England is insisting on total secrecy surrounding the fertility treatments that made pregnancy possible, and the fact that The Duchess of Cambridge is likely carrying twins or even triplets!

GLOBE reports in the December 24th print edition that a royal insider said: “William wants to keep it quiet that they turned to in vitro fertilization when Kate couldn’t get pregnant because she was too skinny.  He’ll do anything to spare her from any possible embarrassment.  They decided on IVF after she dropped to only 96 pounds.  Her dramatic weight loss was put down to the stress of joining the royals.”  Much of that stress is blamed on the awful behaviour of Camilla Parker-Bowles who fears and loathes her more attractive and popular rival.  The source reveals that on many occasions after dealing with cruel Camilla, “Kate would end up in tears in her husband’s arms. It took its toll.”

The story is that as hard as Will and Kate tried to conceive, and try mightily they did, they couldn’t get the job done. Kate was photographed visiting royal gynecologist Dr. Alan Farthing in March but the palace demanded that the press not report the visit.  In desperation the royal couple turned to IVF because they wanted to get the show on the road and satisfy expectations.  The source continues, “As they explored their options, William and Kate prayed a miracle would happen but when it didn’t, they decided a test tube baby was the way to go.”

GLOBE’s insider confirms that embryos were implanted in mid-September and, “incredibly, they got lucky first try.” When Kate was rushed to the hospital recently, suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum, the couple apparently learned that the IVF treatment was royally effective and that they can expect twins or even triplets!  The insider confirms, “The Queen’s dying wish is to hold a new heir to the throne in her arms.  Now she’ll have two – at least, she’s overjoyed!”

Kate Middleton’s Test Tube Babies – Royal Family Hides The Truth - Twins or Triplets Expected!

Kate Middleton’s Test Tube Babies – Royal Family Hides The Truth - Twins or Triplets Expected!

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  • http://www.facebook.com/victoria.mcguire.31 Victoria McGuire

    If it turns out to be true, twins would be perfect, I’d like to see a girl bor first then a son. A perfect family for them. The Queen then should bypass her son for William as the immediate her to the throne. Oh we can only hope.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1134636812 Dayanna Allen

    I thought at least the women that William chose would be able to do this naturally but you know everyone’s all for a short cut if your meant to have a child you will have one eventually why does everyone feel the need to cheat

  • http://twitter.com/kas_kimck1 Kim Simon

    This article came from the Globe Tabloid. Do not believe anything they publish.

  • http://twitter.com/kas_kimck1 Kim Simon

    I do not believe this artcle at all It is coming from the Globe, so considering the sources, I do not believe anything is true about this article.

  • http://twitter.com/kas_kimck1 Kim Simon

    Why aren’t my comments on here. I said I do not believe this article to be true at all since it is coming from the Globe.

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  • Dani82

    Just a bit of fun but could be relevant for the happy couple … http://www.royal-baby-name-generator.co.uk

  • Liz727

    What a load of rubbish this turned out to be!