Kim Kardashian Cheated Out of Millions By Her Mom Kris Jenner! (Photo)

Kim Kardashian Cheated Out of Millions By Her Mom Kris Jenner! (Photo)

Kim Kardashian has been cheated out of millions of dollars by her mother, the infamous momanager Kris Jenner.  Everyone knows that Kim relies on her mom to take care of the business end of things in her reality TV world and product line.  But it came as a shock to the Kimster to learn that her own mother has stolen millions from her while she was ‘taking care of business.’

The Kardashian family is now at war as Kim whines to her mother and family ‘you’re using me!’  This and other startling revelations are featured on the cover of the current issue of The National Enquirer.  Kim is the most important Kardashian by far and yet she gets only an equal cut with others in the K-Klan – even has-beens like step-dad Bruce Jenner grab a cut equal to Kim’s for ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians.’  How unfair!  Who cares about Kourtney and Khloe if we have Kim.

We also learn that Oprah is caught up in a murder probe in the current issue.  OMG – what can this mean for the queen of talk?

Cuba Gooding Jr. is out of control and that is not good.  Has Cuba been doing some heavy hanging at strip clubs again?  Why can’t he behave himself – after all he isn’t 20 years-old any longer.  Grow up Cuba!

Of course there is more sad news about Jennifer Aniston’s failed attempts to get married… give it up Jen and join a convent!

All these and other stories grace the cover of this week’s Enquirer – rush out to get your copy ASAP!  We certainly will be reading ours.

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