Report: Kourtney Kardashian Pregnant Again With Third Child

Kourtney Kardashian Pregnant With Third Child

Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick welcomed the new member of the Kardashian tribe into the world on the 8th of July, 2012. The birth was a spectacular event, with sparkles, Botox, and Bruce Jenner included. The happy family celebrated their time with the second addition to the family unit, but died from a lack of sleep and copious amounts of nightly facial cream.  However, new reports prove that the loveless Kourtney is not done being a sleep deprived, bitchy, and controlling pregnant woman, because according to OK! magazine, the two are already hard at work on another pink foot.

A source close to the family reveals to the magazine, “[Kourtney’s] not only talking about getting pregnant again by summer, she’s making some plans. It’s at the point where Kourtney is almost addicted to being pregnant. It really does change her outlook on life. Her mood, her attitude, and her temperament really change and she loves that feeling so much that she wants to keep the pregnancy high going.” Dude, not even cannibalistic tribes in New Guinea copulate like Kourtney and Scott does – it’s at the level of Brangelina. The source adds, [She’s] going to take Scott away on an extended vacation to Turks and Caicos in early spring.”

So, Kourtney is planning to put her left foot in, right foot out, and do the hanky panky? Yes, because according to the insightful source, “Scott loves when she’s mellow and pregnant. And he love knowing she’s pregnant with his baby. He definitely finds her sexier.” The control freak Scott not only enjoys his partner when she’s walking around with a stomach the size of a small child, but he also enjoys caring for her when she’s preggers. The source concludes, “When she was pregnant with both Mason and Penelope, he was constantly rubbing her tummy and her shoulders and her feet and whispering thins in her ear that made her laugh and blush in front of us.” Aww, isn’t that just dandy?

The insightful source obviously knows more than Kourtney herself, because according to this family secret tattle tale, “I wonder if she’ll actually wait for their spring holiday. Kourtney might be pregnant before the end of the year.” Ah, we’re as excited as a bee around fake flowers! Really, we are! Our Aunt Mildred already promised to knit teeny weeny socks for the new baby, but we wouldn’t trust her, you know? She has a history of building Kardashian altars in her dungeon.

Do you think Kourtney will pop out a little one soon? Will the Kardashian tribe be able to handle the spotlight shift, seeing that Khloe is popping out eyes on X-Factor and Kim is controlling Kanye West’s life? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

  • Staying Pregnant and pumping out Babies WILL NOT stop a Man from laying in ANOTHER WOMAN’S BED…I THOUGHT she was the smart one out of the Bunch, OBVIOUSLY IT’S KHLOE.


  • Kisha Jay

    You all commenting on here with these ignorant ass comments are sad! Talking about them and who raised them…who raised y’all?? Talking like that about people and you guys are grown women?? Sad


    [expletive] you kardashians