Kristen Stewart To Marry Robert Pattinson: Put A Ring On It Baby!!!

Kristen Stewart To Marry Robert Pattinson: Put A Ring On It Baby!!!

Although many, many of you will completely disagree with me, I am not afraid to say how HAPPY I am that my favorite vampy couple are not only back together, but are being seen out and about super happy like all those cheating shenanigans never happened.  Rupert Sanders who!!

So who knows what Kristen Stewart has said (or done … ahem) to win my Robert Pattinson’s heart back, but she better hold on tight.  Amid rumors of adoption and pregnancy – all reasonable options to some Hollywood starlets who are desperate to keep their man at any cost – Kristen doesn’t strike me as someone to go to such measures.

So why not go the old fashion route by getting Rob to propose!  It seems as though that’s what Kristen is gunning for – especially upon hearing how sentimental she was with the rings from the Twilight series.

During a Breaking Dawn: Part 2 press junket, Kristen revealed that she’s kept the rings she wore, cherishing both the mood ring she wears in the beginning, as well as the wedding ring she received from Edward.

“I kept the rings. The rings are really important to me. Bella’s mother gives her a moon ring in the beginning and I have [the wedding ring]. Those are really, really extremely important to me. I love those rings.”

Now, just how important Kristen?  Hint hint Robbie…

Let’s not forget that the wedding was with her real life boyfriend so, why wouldn’t the urge to walk down the aisle be strong?  She’s experienced it (technically) once already; why not make it a reality!  And for god sakes girl, keep your eyes, ears, hands – all body parts, to yourself.  We know you made a mistake, which is absolutely allowed – once.  But lock it down and make it permanent girl…or goshdangit, I will!

Kristen Stewart To Marry Robert Pattinson: Put A Ring On It Baby!!!

  • Kimbrly Podwika

    I think it’s great that they are back together! I absolutely love the way they interact with each other during the tender moments and the love scenes. Any woman would love to have that kind of romance in a relationship. I was so disappointed when they split, but everyone makes mistakes. I think they belong together! I wish them a long and happy future! Can’t wait to see the grand finale!!!

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  • Rita Steele

    this is a good

  • Tinka

    A bit misleading headline, don’t you think?