Robert Pattinson Finally Admits Relationship Fake With Kristen Stewart – It’s a Showmance! (Photos)

Robert Pattinson Finally Admits Relationship Fake With Kristen Stewart – It’s a Showmance!

Ok, so did everyone see Kristen Stewart’s interview on the Today Show where Savannah Guthrie asks her point blank if she and Robert Pattinson are back together?  Holy balls!  Could her answer have been any more annoying?  But was it also telling?

“Funny you mention that,” starts Kristen.  “I’m just going to let people watch whatever little movie they think our lives are and go for it. Keep them guessing, I always say.”  Are you kidding me?  Look bitch, my patience is wearing thin and I’m gonna need you to put on your big girl panties and start talking. Gee-zus, you are an actress, and yes you are famous.  This means that you are no longer a private person.  So give the Robsten fans what they need so we can move on to the next big thing.  If you say yes, you guys are together again, we’ll be ecstatic for you; fantasy land once again.  Of course if you say no, things will probably get ugly in the Twittersphere.

Kristen is not the only one in this supposed “showmance”.  Her possible other half, Robert Pattinson, is also trying to lead us astray.  He was recently asked about the Robsten moniker and possibilities of a concocted showmance.  “For one thing, it would be a terrible marketing tool, and it’s not utilized very well at all. People will say anything. I’m still amazed that people even believe anything [that’s said about us]. I mean, it’s one of the craziest things about the whole situation, where you can see the whole—is paradigm the right word?—of celebrity gossip, celebrity culture type stuff that’s literally entirely made up. There’s a story line. You have a set character and your story line is written for you. And it doesn’t matter what you do. I talked to Reese Witherspoon about it a while ago, and she was the person who really told me, you get given a character. I mean, I’ve literally tried to do things to throw people off, and it just doesn’t get printed.”

That was just a bunch of garbled gibberish!  I’m calling it.  They are totally back together… “like for reals”…because they give the same fidgety, awkward, uncomfortable, and rambling interviews.  Are you kidding me?  These people are two peas in a pod, cut from the same tree, however you want to put it, Robsten is a living breathing thing and either they are the real deal or they are great actors, you decide.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet