Robert Pattinson Christmas Without Kristen Stewart – Miserable Family Disaster (Video)

Robert Pattinson Family Christmas Miserable Disaster Without Kristen Stewart (Video)

We previously reported that Robert Pattinson was spotted drinking alone on Christmas Eve in London, with adulteress girlfriend Kristen Stewart nowhere to be seen. Spending the holiday apart in a bold move—it certainly doesn’t scream happy relationship, now does it?

As if his holiday bachelorhood weren’t bad enough, Rob was surrounded by arguing family members, while his Twilight costars enjoyed serene holidays surrounded by socially pleasant family members. A brief video from iVillage interview shows celebrities sharing their favorite holiday traditions.

Taylor Lautner  describes “always looking forward to the holiday season because that’s when I get to see family again”. Newlywed Nikki Reed gushes about her new family, “Christmas and that whole routine is really important to his family, and I’ve been adopted . . . it’s really nice.” Why, even actor of evil Volturri member Aro, Michael Sheen, has fond stories to tell about an annual family light competition: “Everyone tries to outdo each other with Christmas lights on the front of their house. We have eight snowmen lit up on the roof of our house!” If the most evil vampire in the world has a nice Christmas, Rob should too, right?

But Robert Pattinson is the lone one out, joking with a smile too big to be sincere, that their Christmas is “having a big argument with everyone in my family, and then falling asleep at three o’clock in the afternoon. And not even opening any presents. Just falling asleep. It’s a disaster by three—every year.” Why would he choose that for himself? I mean, he could literally walk into any home and be greeted warmly by the teenage daughters and have a Martha Stewart worthy holiday. Did plans with Kristen Stewart fall through, forcing him home to this awful-sounding tradition? Or is he just exaggerating? Could Rob finally have seen the light? Is he dumping his boldly unapologetic girlfriend Kristen?