Sharon Stone Seduces Much Younger Male Model And Drags Him To Bed (Photo)

Sharon Stone Seduces Much Younger Male Model And Drags Him To Bed (Photo)

Being 54 years-old doesn’t slow Sharon Stone down in the least – she could give Rihanna a run for her money, or so it seems.  Age truly is just a number.  The actress was seen helping to heat up a Vogue Brazil party by dancing and flirting with the hottest male models she could sink her cougar claws into.  According to Revista Quem, Martin Mica, a super sexy male model, was the luckiest man of the evening… at least he got to accompany the Basic Instinct star back to her hotel room.

Before leaving the party, Stone and Mica spent much of the evening together.  She was flaunting her still fabulous figure in a skintight black dress and had absolutely a hard time keeping her paws off the South American model, especially in front of the cameras.  Does the poor dude know what he is getting into?  Didn’t he see Basic Instinct?

The actress spent an hour at best celebrating her May 2012 Vogue Brazil cover before leaving the festivities in favor of a private party with Mica.  Sharon was at one time a big Hollywood star – what happened?  Is it true that she has lost her mind?

In on of the pics, and you’ll know which one, Sharon looks as if she is coked out of her gourd! To see pics of Sharon with Mica at the party Click Here

Do you miss seeing Stone on the big screen?  What was your favorite film of hers?  Do you think her career will ever get a good kick start and she’ll return to leading actress status?  Why is it that her star seems to have fallen in recent years?  Tell us what you think in the comments section below!