‘Vampire Diaries’ Exec Producer, Julie Plec, Comments On Her ‘Vampire Diaries Trending Twitter Topics’ Wishlist

'Vampire Diaries' Exec Producer, Julie Plec, Comments On Her 'Vampire Diaries Trending Twitter Topics' Wishlist

The Vampire Diaries is one of the highest rated shows on television for one reason: fans of all ages love themselves some Mystic Falls action. The franchise’s popularity was reaffirmed over the weekend when thousands of fans mobilized to get Exec Producer Julie Plec‘s name trending on Twitter. And, for those of you who understand Twitter trending, that’s no small feat.

“That’s the first time the fans have done that,” Plec said in an e-mail sent to EW after learning about the honor she’d received. “Quite a hilarious thrill, I must say.”

As many of you Vamp fans know, the show is currently on a brief hiatus and will return in ten days (March 15th). While talking with Plec, EW asked her what phrases she’d like to trend on Twitter prior to the show’s return. Here’s what she had to say:

1. “Team Salvatore” : There’s a lot of tension between the Salvator bros. — being that they both love Elena and all — and their sibling relationship has always been somewhat tumultuous. “[episode] 316 is a very important episode for the brothers and their relationship outside of their shared feelings for Elena.”

2.  “TVD 1912″ : That’s the title for the upcoming episode. Should be a good one. Based on the preview, it looks like we’re going to be given lots of flashback/backstory. Take a look at the preview.

3. “RIP Alaric”: *GASP* Oh, don’t get your panties in a wad. “That’s a joke based on the latest fake RIP trends,” said Julie. As far as we know, Alaric isn’t going anywhere, but many fans have themselves worried beyond belief. If you remember, the final scene from the most recent episode has Dr. Fell — that shady doctor — pointing and shooting a gun in Alaric’s direction.

Remember? Here, refresh your memory. The Alaric scene begins at minute 2:24. . .

4. “Matt Donovan is our Pudding Pop” : We like her sense of humor! Honestly, though, can you think of a better name for the lame blonde guy without any supernatural tendencies?

What Vamp Diaries topics would you like to see trend on Twitter? Let us know in the comments section below! If we get enough submissions we’ll post them on the website!

And if you’re out there reading this somewhere, @julieplec, just know that we want you to be our friend. #Srsly. We want your #friendship because we #Freakin’Love @VampireDiaries!