Alec Baldwin’s Sister Elizabeth Baldwin-Keuchler Made Big Money From Her Mother’s Charity – Another Baldwin Family Scandal


If the Baldwins were known for anything other than the same smoky voice it would be scandal. For some unknown reason the large extended family are always involved in something trashy. If it’s not the brother getting into trouble with drugs then it’s the sister that has only recently been found raping her own mother’s breast cancer charity. The sister, Elizabeth Baldwin-Keuchler, pocketed a quater of a million per year as part of her salary as an executive director. According to RadarOnline That sum represents more than half of the charity’s revenue after other salaries, expenses and donations.”

That’s not even the worst part. It seems the family has known about baby sister’s sticky finger and they’ve covered it up by calling it a stipend. Don’t we all wish we could have such a stipend.”tax documents obtained by show that between 2009 and 2011, the fund raked in $416,916 in revenue after expenses and shelled out around 58% of that, or $243,473 to Elizabeth as salary.”

So basically the charity’s just collecting from adults and school children in order to pay for all of their salaries. I would be surprised if anything more than a bare minimum was paid out to people  in need. Then again we should have seen this coming. Alec is always forgiven (not by CDL) for being homophobic, racist, or just a general SOB. Whatever he does people are always quick to forget but maybe that’s a problem with the whole lot of Baldwins.

  • allie

    I secretly love those Baldwin boys

  • Annemarie

    the Baldwins keeping it classy like usual… NOT!