Andy Cohen and Ralph Fiennes’ Affair – Source Claims They Are Lovers – CDL Exclusive

Andy Cohen and Ralph Fiennes' Affair - Source Claims They Are Lovers

Is Ralph Fiennes gay? Although it’s been rumored that Fiennes is gay or bisexual for some time, we’ve never really had cause to think anything about it. However, we recently received a tip from a very reliable source who claims that Ralph was having an affair with recently outed Andy Cohen, who has become the first talk show host to come out as openly gay.

Ralph and Andy also have a public history – and if anyone cares to look it up, they’ll find a highly entertaining and hilarious clip of Ralph on Andy’s talk show on Bravo. He basically has a pillow fight with Andy and reads erotic fan fiction to the crowd.

Now, that doesn’t mean anything – but our source claims that sometime around 2009, Ralph was there at several tapings of WWHL with Andy Cohen, and he’s been there on and off since then, supposedly supporting his lover.

Now, what do we really know about Ralph Fiennes’ love life? Not much. But ever since Andy Cohen has come out as gay, he’s been in the limelight pretty consistently over the last week. He was linked to Sean Avery and there were rumors the couple was thinking of getting engaged, a rumor already denied by Andy’s Dad (Radar), but what if it was all a smokescreen to divert attention from his real relationship with Ralph?

Ralph, on the other hand, was most recently linked to his aristocrat girlfriend, but it’s not clear whether the duo are still dating. If our source is correct, then probably not.

What do you guys think? Could Ralph and Andy be dating – were they dating? Or is it preposterous? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Andy Cohen and Ralph Fiennes' Affair - Source Claims They Are Lovers

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  • MakeHerUp

    Interesting couple.

  • This isn’t really surprising.

  • SpringBeauty

    Brown shoes with a black suit? He can’t be gay.

  • samuelaugustusjennings

    Why are we so concerned with other people’s lives? I need to quit.

  • slemon

    Very believeable.