Angelina Jolie’s Plane Grounded By FAA, Failed To Renew Registration – Did Angie Break The Law?

Angelina Jolie Plane Grounded By FAA Regulations, Failed To Renew Registration - Did Angie Break The Law?

You’d think Angelina Jolie would be a stickler for rules now that she’s a mom. But unfortunately, Page Six reports that the FAA has banned Angelina from flying her private plane as she reportedly failed to renew the registration in time.

Apparently, an application to renew the registration was sent to to the FAA, but it didn’t reach them within the specified time limit. The current certificate reportedly expired on June 30th, but obviously September was way too late to file the renewal request. Alas, this is what happens when you’re too famous to take care of all these clerical matters. And their carelessness might cause Angelina more than just her renewal.

According to the report, despite the rejection of the renewal request, records reportedly show that the plan was flown in October in Montana. Although records don’t necessarily show the pilot or the passenger information, anyone piloting it without the valid certificate is technically breaking the law. Sure, plenty of people drive cars without their certificate, but there’s a difference between breaking the law with the car and breaking the law with a $360,000 private plane that’s one of the fastest single-engine aircrafts in the world.

We know Angelina pilots the plane and we’ve seen her take her family on it many times. And even if it wasn’t her piloting the plane in October, it had to have been someone who had a piloting license and who had access to her plane – and I don’t imagine that list is very extensive.

What do you guys think? Could Angelina have broken the law without realizing, or do you think she knew and just didn’t care? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet