Beyonce and her Dancer, Laurent Bourgeois, Embroiled in Secret Sexy Love Affair?

Beyonce and her Dancer, Laurent Bourgeois, Embroiled in Secret Sexy Love Affair?

Is Beyonce another pop star to become involved with one of her backup dancers? According to a sensationalized report, Beyonce and Laurent Bourgeois (professionally known as Les Twins alongside his identical twin brother) are much more than friends and have begun a relationship that’s been deemed “inappropriate.”

MediaTakeOut reports the story, and they claim that the two are definitely more than friends. “We are hearing ALL KINDS OF RUMORS about Beyonce and the CLOSE PERSONAL FRIENDSHIP that she struck up with her male dancer Laurent. According to multiple sources, the two are ‘very close’ and people are wondering if their relationship BORDERS ON INAPPROPRIATE.”

The outlet goes on to say that Laurent is not gay, could potentially be very interested in Beyonce, and, because he’s French, loves to be sexual. They also claim that, due to Beyonce’s long, lonesome journeys on the road, it’d only be natural for her to want to hookup with someone from her crew. But Beyonce hooking up with a backup dancer? C’mon, that’s more of a J Lo/Madonna thing. Not a Queen B thing.

The source adds, “And we’re not the only ones who think [sic] SOMETHING IS UP, apparently Laurent’s [sic] friends TEASE HIM about his relationship with Beyonce… in a recent interview they all said ‘OOOOOOOH’ when he admitted to touching Bey’s butt.”

Um, ok? I think we’re back in the fourth grade. Since when does an accidental butt touch point to an affair? There’s always the possibility of Beyonce hooking up with her dancer, but I think it’s safe to say that she and Jay Z are doing just fine. What do you make of this report? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

Image credit to FameFlynet/Twitter

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  • thebutcher

    She is queen of NOTHING. she couldn’t even do the national anthem without lip synching. Her cold excuse was just that, an excuse.

  • Amorous

    Haters down below. What they do is their business. If people would just mind their own effin business and stop worrying about what others are doing, maybe, just maybe you could get some place in life. The woman makes great music and that’s all that matters at this point. What they do is not anyone else’s business.

  • LesTwinsWay

    I dont think that is true remotely. Larry is close to his twin brother and loves his work. Larry would not let laurent’s relationship with beyonce get anything more than professional because if laurent gets fired, guess what? So does larry. Jay Z and beyonce’s relationship is fine and not in jeopardy. I mean they have Blue Ivy to give them even more reasons to stay together. Just because he is french doesnt mean he is sexual. He likes his job and doesnt want to put that in jeopardy. So just get off his back and leave him alone. I love them and im obsessed with them but i dont make up rumors. If they are in a relationship, as much as it hurts, hell, it hurts cuz i know i have no chance with them, but i would wish them the best,

  • LesTwinsWay

    They are perfect