Beyonce Ugly Crotch Shot Viral – Diva Furious, Demands Removal (Photos)


Everybody and their grandmother tuned in to Beyonce’s halftime show at the Super Bowl —based on my Twitter feed, it seems to have been more popular than the actual game. The girl knows how to put on a good show, and fans have been loving on her elaborate outfits. But one person isn’t thrilled with the post-performance media Beyonce has been getting—and it’s none other than the Queen B! Buzzfeed “posted 33 photos from her showstopping performance . . . the singer’s rep emailed the sight requesting that seven of the images, which the rep deemed ‘unflattering’ . . . be removed,” reports inTouch Weekly, print edition February 25, 2013. So what did Buzzfeed do? Publish their absurd letter and let the world relish Beyonce’s few ugly (and nearly nude)  moments.

We’ve seen the pictures, and they’re pretty horrendous. Most are action shots, showing the star make weird faces. But we don’t feel too sorry for her, mostly because, as ugly as she is in these pictures, they represent about 2% of her life. The other 98% is spent looking totally gorgeous, whether in full stage makeup or in bed with a naked face, filming messages to her fans. Regular humans, like you and me, probably spend closer to 20% of our lives making weird facial expressions, and have dozens of Facebook photos to prove it. Don’t believe me? Go to your tagged photos section and count. I don’t know how, but this really seems to be the first time unattractive photos of Beyonce have hit the web. I don’t want to say conspiracy, but could it be one of the perks of being so cozy with the President of the United States?

No matter how Beyonce manages to keep her ugly side away from the public, the pictures are out and I don’t think any fans have sworn off her music. Let’s face it, these photos aren’t the worst we’ve heard from Beyonce—remember her weird description of giving birth? She said she got through the pain by imagining her baby “pushing through a very heavy door.” I think that’s more of a turn off than these 7 pictures, which will probably make the history books. Are you horrified by this dose of reality? Which celeb would you most like to see ugly pictures of?

Editor’s Note: Do you believe Beyonce gave birth to Blue Ivy Carter?

  • Linda Cannon

    It was a very unflattering outfit, and her hefty thighs are all lumpy and crumpled in the fishnet hose. Yuk! Maybe she should take a few trial videos in her fully equipped home studio before these events, and get the camera’s view before the press does.

  • Twana Tells

    Yes I believe she gave birth to Blue Ivy & Yes these pics should be removed from the internet because they look hideous

  • Calvin Blanco

    ummm. 2 weeks old.

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  • Latisha Arnold

    Fricking gross all that make up couldnt help her she look possessed yikes

  • cesarpitoflaco

    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with her body. I think she is in great shape and and truth be told there are far too many of us who wish we were in that kind of shape. However, her face is ugly and making it look pretty is pure illusion: make up, lights, airbrush, special lenses, etc., in short pure fantasy. She is simply NOT pretty. Gabrielle Union and many others have her beat in that department.