Big Brother 15 Amanda Zuckerman: Continues Same Behavior After Show Ends – No Reform, No Apology, No Better

Big Brother 15 Amanda Zuckerman: Continues Same Behavior After Show Ends - No Reform, No Apology, No Better

Amanda Zuckerman has been doing the interview circuit and rightly so since she was the most controversial contestant in Big Brother history. If you missed Big Brother 15, I’ll sum up why Amanda is so popular.

Basically, Amanda bullied her way through the game with some vile, filthy and racist language that I am personally too embarrassed to repeat. I had hoped that since Amanda left the house that she would show America that she was not the person we got know on the live feeds. Yet, In a recent interview Amanda makes no apology for her nasty behavior and claims that her outburst against Elissa Slater was because she was pushed to her breaking point and she continues to talk trashy using the F-word like it is as vital as the air she needs to breath. In fact, Amanda recently said that the only regret she had was that her parents watched the live feeds and were witness to how sexually active she was with McCrae Olson, that’s it!

It is really sad that Amanda couldn’t learn from Aaryn and just lie low and quietly repair her image. Basically, Amanda is exactly the person who we all got to see on the live feeds, her behavior wasn’t for TV, it was the “real” Amanda which she thinks that “I have a lot to offer and a lot of good that America would want to see“. I have personally had my fill and hope to never see her on TV again, nor read another annoying interview.

  • HollywoodHiccups

    This girl is repulsive I heard her the other night on a show and she used expletives every second word. She is exactly what i want my daughter NOT to be. Amanda Zuckerman is disgusting.

  • Robyn

    OMG if this girl was my daughter she would have a time out and her mouth washed out with soap. She is horrible, what a terrible example to young people.

  • MyOpinion

    She is disgusting. I don’t know how, or why, anyone would be a fan of her. I’m appalled that Aaryn was treated the way she was for her racist comments and Amanda just kept going with her bullying, racist ways.

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  • Nate

    She is vile and a slutty tramp. Her mother should be ashamed.

  • lkgallop

    Seriously?? Since BB ended, Amanda has apologized REPEATEDLY for any comments she made that offended people. Repeatedly. And she apologized repeatedly to Elissa on the show for upsetting her, but if you only watched CBS edits and not the live feeds, you never saw that. As far as her interviews go, she has been candid and funny and brutally honest. That’s who she is. As she’s said herself, “Love her or hate her, she’s still an obsession.”

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