Big Brother 15 8/4/13 Who Won HoH and Who’s On The Chopping Block For Eviction – Spoilers Week 6 Episode 17

Big Brother 15 8/4/13 Who Won HoH and Who's On The Chopping Block For Eviction - Spoilers Week 6 Episode 17

Last Thursday Big Brother 15 left us hanging when they ended the show without letting us know who won the HoH. Did you watch the episode? If you missed it, you can read the full and detailed recap right HERE.

On Sunday’s show, week 6 episode 17,the new HoH will be announced, but we have all the exclusive spoilers right here.

Spoiler Alert – don’t read on unless you want to know!

The treadmill like endurance HoH contest had everyone trying their best not to fall off of a log. I personally thought one of the girls who does a lot of yoga would win, but it was Ginamarie who won the title of HoH for the upcoming week. Although Ginamarie won the ultimate prize, there were some other prizes handed out as well. Helen won a BBQ for herself and three of her friends, Elissa and Aaryn were two of them but the third will be chosen from a contest;Candice won $5,000.

Amanda and McCrae are worried, they believe they might be put on the block because they are the last showmance and Ginamarie has not really been a big fan of Amanda throughout the game so far. Helen wants Candice and Jessie on the block, so it all depends on how much Helen can manipulate Ginamarie, we all know she did a really good job manipulating Aaryn.

Now on to the nominations, Candice and Jessie are put up for eviction which only validates my believing that Helen has all the power in the house. And you HAVE TO listen to the vicious fight between Amanda and Jessie – you won’t believe it! Amanda though is not safe either as she was the MVP nominee for the week. Like Amanda or not, I doubt the house guests will get rid of her any time soon because they know America hates her by putting her up week after week, a perfect person to be in the top two with if you want to win the money.

What the house guests don’t know is that next week is a double eviction, so who knows, maybe Amanda will go home after all. Well, at least that is would happen in a perfect world.