Blake Shelton Goes Gangster: Mentor Jerald Wayne Mills’ Bloody Murder (PHOTO)

Blake Shelton Goes Gangster: Mentor Jerald Wayne Mills' Bloody Murder

I have to admit, as cuddly as Blake Shelton may come across, I’ve always kind of figured that he’s not the kind of guy that you really want to piss off, especially if he has a few drinks in him. On Nov. 23rd Blake played a few songs in front of his good friend and mentor, Jerald Wayne Mills. Unfortunately the night ended in tragedy when Mills was caught smoking in an undesignated area of Nashville’s Pi and Barrel Bar.

Blake Shelton Goes Gangster: Mentor Jerald Wayne Mills' Bloody Murder

According to the National Enquirer, the owner of the bar, Chris Ferrell put a bullet in the back of Mills’ head shortly before 5am – killing him. At first Blake was in shock at the abrupt loss of his friend but now that the initial grief is wearing off his sadness is quickly morphing into anger. He feels that he needs to do something to avenge Mill’s death and he is prepared to testify under oath if it’ll help put Ferrell behind bars for the rest of his life.


How do you think that Blake is really dealing with the loss? I mean this is a guy that likes to drink like a fish on a good day. Do you think that he is hitting the bottle even harder as a way to cope with his emotions? How about his marriage to Miranda Lambert? She just went to great lengths to transform herself into the kind of woman that he keeps cheating on her with- a tiny little blonde. Do you think this loss will make Blake turn to his wife for comfort or will she just be lost in the shuffle of his grief? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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