Blake Shelton Tells the Westboro Baptist Church To ‘Blow’ Him – Miranda Lambert Jealous? (VIDEO)

Blake Shelton Tells the Westboro Baptist Church To 'Blow' Him - Miranda Lambert Jealous? (VIDEO)

Blake Shelton definitely isn’t holding back on his feelings about the Westboro Baptist Church. When confronted by photographers outside of Bootsy Bellows Nightclub in West Hollywood, Blake was pretty drunk, but he was also vehement about his dislike of the Church.

The Church has an ongoing feud with Blake and half of the country because they support gay rights. They went crazy over one of the lyrics to Blake’s latest song, with the words, “Ya the boys ’round here think it’s ok to be queer.” 

The Church, as we know, does not support gay rights and doesn’t want anybody else to either. They also like to pretend as though they’re also attacking Blake for cheating on his wife, Miranda Lambert, but let’s be real here – the Westboro Baptist Church is quite possibly one of the scummiest organizations on the planet, and their ‘reasons’ for starting feuds with celebrities are all focused on gaining attention.

Anyway, Blake was obviously and clearly drunk as he left Usher’s birthday party at Bootsy, but he was asked about the Church’s feud with him. His response: ‘The Church can blow me.’

Well, once they got a hold of this, I can guarantee that their vitriol will only increase towards Blake. They already dislike him because of his strong stance on gay rights, but what they don’t realize is that they’re fighting a losing battle. Everybody already views them as an extremist religious organization or as a joke, and apart from some hicks in Middle America, I don’t think anyone takes them seriously.

What do you guys think about Blake’s words towards the Westboro Baptist Church? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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  • They are idiots.

  • Angel 2009

    It’s called freedom of speech, not a country music fan but Blake has my absolute support.Those inbred Westboro bigots will eventually pay for their appalling ignorance!