Brandon and Brody Jenner React To Kim Kardashian Engagement – Disgusted by Kanye West’s Proposal Spectacle

Brandon and Brody Jenner React To Kim Kardashian Engagement - Disgusted by Kanye West's Proposal Spectacle

It looks like there’s going to be another big Kardashian spectacle of a wedding but at least this time the Jenner family won’t have to suffer through it. As news breaks this morning that Kanye West finally popped the question to the biggest reality television whore ever, Kim Kardashian, there are at least two people close to the family that are as disgusted as you and I – Brody and Brandon Jenner. Bruce’s sons from his marriage to Linda Thompson have made it perfectly clear how much they absolutely hate all things connected to the House of Kardashian.

The boys are credited with helping Bruce to finally find the strength to end his miserable marriage to Kris Jenner and they are no doubt thrilled to see the family split up before Kanye made Kim his official fiancee. The Jenner’s as a whole are much more down to earth and they seem to focus on quality time together rather than who is wearing what and the false belief that image is everything.

Brody has been by far the most outspoken of Bruce’s family and he has made his immense dislike of Kris and her daughters quite clear, but I have to wonder about his thoughts on this engagement. Of course he is disgusted, but does he see Kim and Kanye as a perfect match? I mean they are nauseating together but when you really think about it they actually are each others’ equal. Both think the plasticity of the fashion world is more important than meaningful interactions with people. Both are profoundly selfish so Kanye leaving pregnant Kim is perfectly followed by Kim leaving their child with a nanny. They do kind of balance each other don’t they?

How much of a part in any wedding plans do you think that the Jenners will actually play? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Brandon and Brody Jenner React To Kim Kardashian Engagement - Disgusted by Kanye West's Proposal Spectacle

  • Angel 2009

    Considering that Bruce is still under contract for their fake reality show, he will probably be forced to play “one big happy family” . . . poor guy! Brody will probably get a by considering that PMK doesn’t want him around anyway.

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  • WindyCat

    Ok…WHERE is your proof that Brody Jenner is ‘disgusted’, by Kim K’s engagement? ANOTHER one sided article. You don’t have him quoting anything specifically. I’ve watched Season 8 of the Kardashian Show and he CLEARLY likes Kim, Khloe, Rob, Kourtney and his little sisters. He does NOT appear to like Kris Jenner, though. Get this BS piece of article out of here. No proof just pointless hearsay. You are the reason that the Kardashian clan STAYS IN THE SPOTLIGHT. Your hate of Kim K and her sisters is what probably makes them want to be seen MORE. Great read……….NOT!

  • WindyCat

    this site deletes your articles if you don’t agree with them.

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  • marlyse

    si c vraiment ce qu’ils disent c qu’ils ont un vrai pb de personalité et ce sont de bons hypocrites or la série a fait d’eux cequ’ils n’étaient malgré le statut de leur maman ils devraient remercier les filles et leur maman et ne pas se meler des histoires de couple meme si c leur papa

  • bbb126

    Um kanye wasnt president of the e! Channel before Graduation. Take a seat bitch.

  • bbb126

    Their bio father is DEAD and has been for a LONG TIME.