Brittany Murphy’s Death: Further Test Results Reveal likelihood of Murder by Poison, Confirms her Father Angelo Bertolotti

Brittany Murphy's Death: Further Test Results Reveal likelihood of Murder by Poison, Confirms her Father Angelo Bertolotti

Angelo Bertolotti, the father of late actress Brittany Murphy, will not rest until he’s found answers regarding the true reasons behind his daughter’s death. After ordering Brittany’s hair to be tested a second time, for another opinion, Bertolotti received some peculiar results: high levels of barium, sulfur, and other chemicals prevalent in common rodenticides and pesticides, both of which could’ve been used to poison the actress. Angelo gave an exclusive interview to Examiner and, in his statements, revealed his motivations behind his continual efforts to seek answers and why he believes his daughter was indeed murdered.

“These new lab results re-confirm what we already knew,” he told the news source. “I never doubted the previous test results, but decided to get a second opinion. The original lab was unfairly slandered by Bruce Goldberger (friend of Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter), who called it a kind of a ‘fly-by-night laboratory.’

It was unethical for Goldberger to offer his incorrect opinions to media outlets, given his conflict of interest. In 2009, he was opining that Brittany died of a drug overdose, just like Heath Ledger. Goldberger was wrong then and he’s certainly wrong now. I’m not impressed with his obsessive efforts to squash any inquiry into my daughter’s untimely demise.”

He says that he’s quite happy with the new test results, as the lab that performed the tests is very reputable, much moreso than the first institution that conducted the tests.

Not only does he think that his daughter was murdered but he also believes that his daughter’s death was disregarded and not investigated to the fullest extent. “No, it definitely wasn’t. Brittany exhibited many symptoms of poisoning, but the Coroner’s Office didn’t test her remains for any poisons or toxins. They didn’t remove her nail polish to check for Mees’ lines. Brittany’s hair was collected by the Criminalist, but no toxicology was done.

“There was irregularly-shaped flattened material in Brittany’s stomach that looked like partially digested medication. It wasn’t positively identified as any type of a drug, but was never tested for poison. My child died in agony, suffering from strong abdominal pain and violently vomiting, until her body shut down. Her death was brushed under the carpet.”

What do you think about these recent test results? Do you think these results will be enough grounds to pursue further investigations — at least enough to rule out the possibilities of murder?

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