Brooke Mueller Calls Cops On Denise Richards’ Child Abuse: Says Charlie Sheen’s Sons and Daughters Abused!

Brooke Mueller Calls Cops On Denise Richards Child Abuse: Says Charlie Sheen's Sons and Daughters Abused!

It looks like Brooke Mueller has completely gone crack, since she’s now accusing Denise Richards of child abuse. According to a report from TMZ, Brooke is accusing Denise of abusing her two boys with Charlie Sheen, as well as Denise’s own daughters.

According to the report, cops started investigating the claim put forth by going to Denise’s house last night, and questioning her. Denise reportedly didn’t let them inside because she didn’t want her daughters to know anything was wrong, but she apparently did tell the cops that Brooke was being ‘vindictive’ and ‘ridiculous‘. I mean, duh. Even the stupidest person can see that Brooke is just trying to get back at Denise, especially since her custody of the boys has once again been put in jeopardy after her drug problem flared up again. I mean, the judge was just a complete idiot for granting her custody in the first place, and it’s obvious that Brooke would take out her frustration on Denise.

Apparently, Denise told the cops all this and added that the Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services will be taking care of the dispute. Unfortunately, the police have to do a thorough investigation whenever these kinds of claims are made, and they can’t just take Denise’s word on the matter. What’s even more unfortunate is that Brooke’s two children will be the most affected by this, as will Denise’s two daughters, since the children will be questioned and interviewed about these abuse claims – and that’s always traumatizing for such young children, who will feel like they’re in trouble even when they’re not.

See, this is why Brooke is a horrible mother. By lodging this ridiculous claim, she’s indirectly affected her own sons’ well-being in her ridiculous vendetta against Denise. Plus, there’s no logical sense to the claim – how on earth would Brooke have known about this so-called ‘abuse’ towards Denise’s daughters, since she never had any contact with them? And why not come forward with this claim earlier? It’s all a load of B.S., and the police really should know that.


  • Angel 2009

    Crackhead should be praising Denise for taking care of those little boys when they were in need of a stable home. Drugged out psycho needs to shut up and for once in her life, be a real mother to her child support checks. This stunt may very well blow up in her face when an investigation reveals the charges to be false and she could be charged for lying to authorities. What a miserable, useless POS!