Bruce Jenner Sex Change Operation Begins: Adam’s Apple Plastic Surgery Reduction (VIDEO)

Bruce Jenner Sex Change Operation Begins: Adam's Apple Plastic Surgery Reduction (VIDEO)

Bruce Jenner is about to go under the knife and it’s for a rather interesting surgery that’ll reduce the size of his Adam’s Apple. Bruce was spotted meeting with a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon to discuss the laryngeal shave procedure, which is typically one of the first procedures people have done when they’re undergoing gender reassignment. Of course, Bruce says that he’s not getting the surgery for any other reason besides the fact that he’s always hated the prominence of his Adam’s Apple.

“I just never liked my trachea,” Bruce told TMZ. While sources say that Bruce has already scheduled the surgery, Bruce informed TMZ that he was just looking into the procedure and getting consultations. Reportedly, the doctor took photographs and everything earlier today, so it does seem as if Bruce is quite serious to have the procedure.

The surgery involves shaving part of the prominence formed by the thyroid cartilage, which helps form the larynx. What do you think about Bruce Jenner’s upcoming operation, which he’s being quite coy about? Check out the video below, which doesn’t offer much information, but shows Bruce walking into what appears to be a doctor’s office.

I highly doubt that Bruce Jenner is undergoing a sex change operation, but more surprising things have happened in the realms of Hollywood. Hit up the comments below and let us know your thoughts. I wonder what Kris Jenner and the girls think about Bruce’s new plastic surgery efforts?

Image credit to FameFlynet