Camilla Parker-Bowles Seeks Divorce From Prince Charles: Queen Elizabeth Says Stay Sober For 6 Months First – Report

Camilla Parker-Bowles Seeks Divorce From Prince Charles: Queen Elizabeth Says Stay Sober For 6 Months First - Report

Every family has that one total train wreck who manages to turn nearly every occasion into a hot mess and we’ve already told you in detail how Camilla Parker-Bowles fits the bill for the royals. Her recent antics, especially since the birth of little Prince George have landed her in deep trouble with the Queen. After showing up for George’s christening ready to rumble Cami was immediately given a verbal smack down by Queen Elizabeth but that wasn’t enough for her royal majesty.

According to the Nov. 25th print edition of GLOBE Magazine shortly after the christening Camilla received a handwritten letter from Elizabeth outlining exactly what steps she is ordered to take in order to save face and stop embarrassing the family. First things first, Cami was to put herself on a flight to Bangalore, India – a mere 5000 miles from home. Once there Camilla was ordered to check herself in to Soukya International Holistic Health Centre for intensive rehabbing.

Sure she has shown up in a few official photos looking like the India trip is a royal good will mission, but for the most part Camilla has been drying out and flushing her system of toxins by forced vomiting and enemas! Her husband, Prince Charles is totally on board with watching his estranged wife practicing yoga and eating bland soups as he considers her to be a complete disgrace. Don’t forget just a few weeks before the christening Cami turned up online in some topless photos snapped during a yachting party, totally mortifying the entire royal family.

Elizabeth has supposedly demanded Camilla to stay sober for six months and then they can begin to discuss a divorce settlement. Once she realized that there is no way that she’ll actually be seated on the throne beside Charles, Cami began making lofty demands for a divorce settlement. She originally threatened to expose royal secrets if they didn’t pay her off well but I guess Camilla forgot that her own closet is littered with Gordon’s Gin bottles that need to be disposed of first. Do you think that she can stay sober for 6 months? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

  • Good luck with that!

  • AZGurl

    Does anyone realize that this site makes up all these preposterous stories?

    • Angel 2009

      Apparently you didn’t read, CDL is only reporting on a Globe Magazine story.

  • bsdetector

    you should be sued for perpetuating libel and slander

  • Lee

    I guess she figured she would not be the queen , which was her dream to break up Diana and Charles. Trash . Bitch. Muederer