Caroline Manzo’s Family Secrets Featured on Manzo’d with Children (VIDEO)

Caroline Manzo's Family Secrets Featured on Manzo’d with Children (VIDEO)

Former Real Housewives of New Jersey star Caroline Manzo is from a big Italian family. We saw some of her siblings on the show. Her sister Dina Manzo is also a former cast member of the show. Their brother Chris Laurita is a cast member along with his wife Jacqueline. Three of her other siblings Fran, Cookie and Jamie have made brief appearances as well.

Caroline’s spinoff show Manzo’d with Children will feature Fran as a cast member. No word yet if Dina will make a guest appearance. The sisters have been estranged since Dina left the show midway through season 2. I’m also wondering if the siblings who have not been on camera will finally make their television debut.

Caroline, whose maiden name is Laurita, never speaks of her brothers and sisters unless they are going to be on camera. She made a video for Bravo’s website which vaguely describes her family tree. Caroline mentioned she is the sixth child out of eleven children. She mentions her parents and her brother Chris by name but no one else. Caroline then had her sister in law Jacqueline Laurita fill in her part of the tree to add her parents and children.

We can speculate as to why none of the other siblings were named in the family tree. The video is pretty recent. Caroline was still wearing her hair short, but Jacqueline mentioned her son, Nicholas, who was born last year. Caroline is still estranged from Dina at the time the video was made. Also, it has been reported she and Dina had a falling out with their brother, Joseph. I was unable to find out if they resolved their differences. Another reason could be the Lauritas told Caroline not to mention them on camera. They may not want to be associated with the hot mess that is a Real Housewives show.

I’m hoping to see more of Caroline’s family on her show. I want to see if anyone else in her family is as bat crap crazy as the red haired dragon. In case you were wondering the names of the remaining Laurita siblings are Ann, Joseph, Anthony, Dominick and Michael.