Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones Separation Grows Over His Support of Elizabeth Vargas’ Addiction Battle

Catherine Zeta-Jones Separation Grows Over His Support of Elizabeth Vargas' Addiction Battle

On Nov. 6th ABC’s 20/20 anchor Elizabeth Vargas admitted to the world that she like so many others is struggling with alcohol abuse and seeking in-patient treatment. What she didn’t feel compelled to mention at the time was the vital role that ex-lover Michael Douglas played in her decision to get help. It may be kind of a no-brainer because the former couple has remained on good terms in the fifteen years since their split. Plus Michael has battled his own addictions and is part of a family riddled with them so he is well aware of how much rehab can help.

According to the Nov. 25th print edition of National Enquirer there is one person quite unhappy with Michael’s overwhelming need to help his ex and that is his estranged wife, Catherine Zeta-Jones. When she heard that her husband was supporting Elizabeth and had promised to be a solid rock for her, well Catherine lost it. She thought that Michael should be focusing any of his extra energy towards repairing their marriage rather than saving a former flame.

Catherine Zeta-Jones Separation Grows Over His Support of Elizabeth Vargas' Addiction Battle

Catherine attempted to demand that Michael take a step back from Elizabeth but he flat out refused. He insisted that he is going to help her through this extremely different time and Catherine will just have to deal with it. Do you think that her way of dealing with it will be going ahead with the divorce? Obviously Michael’s connection to Elizabeth is still ridiculously strong, could there be more than friendship at work here? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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