Dina Ruiz Hates Clint Eastwood and Talks to Bethenny Frankel About Cheating and Her Bizarre Marriage

Dina Ruiz Hates Clint Eastwood and Talks to Bethenny Frankel About Cheating and Her Bizarre Marriage
There’s been so much speculation as to why Dina Ruiz and Clint Eastwood broke up in a bizarre pseudo passive aggressive way but none of parties have come out directly to say anything. Instead photos have had to do the talking thus far. E.g. the pictures of Clint with rumored girlfriend and much younger woman Erica Tomlinson Fisher who just happens to be the ex of Dina’s current interest, Scott Fisher! Basically so muddled we don’t know which way is up and we’re afraid we’ve been looking at someone’s bottom this whole time. That was until the interview. Dina only just broke the code of silence by talking to Bethenny Frankel on her show.

According to Dina, the separation was unexpected (his idea) and in no way is there a chance of a reconciliation (he wouldn’t take her back even she begged).  The separation has lasted that long because at first she thought there could be a chance for them until certain signs (his dating someone else) proved she was wrong. It’s why she decided to end things on a friendly note. It seems even though they were technically still married; she doesn’t count what he did as cheating. As long as other relationship begin after a separation then it’s not infidelity.

I’m sorry Dina but I don’ think so. Man sleeps with other woman besides Wife and this all leads to Divorce = infidelity.  Or why else would she say that she thought they could get back together. Dina had a plan and she started by keeping herself in control with what she’s did in that interview. The media savvy ex-wife managed to drum up sympathy for herself and not directly throw Clint under a bus. Here’s a little clue – she never mentioned the man in her life only Clint’s other interests.

Things aren’t friendly between them all. You can tell when she has nothing but nice things to say about the man that blindsided her with a split and then quickly began dating a supposed friend. Even the Daily Mail picked that up. “Shifting any blame of wrongdoing to other parties, Dina finished the interview by praising her ex husband.” The praise was all crap. She did what she had to do to keep her spousal checks on rolling.  Like I said bizarrely passive aggressive! Apparently even this close to the divorce.

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