Downton Abbey Season 4 Christmas Special Sneak Peek Preview and Spoilers (VIDEO)

Downton Abbey Season 4 Christmas Special Sneak Peek Preview and Spoilers (VIDEO)

Downton Abbey is having their annual Christmas Special and never fear – its doubtful whether the producers behind the show would dare to break our hearts again by killing off another major character. As most are still in mourning for our beloved Matthew Crawley then its safe to say they learned their lesson. No instead of death most of us can look forward to new life at Downton. It doesn’t necessarily mean new blood. Beware of spoilers ahead. Now that you’ve been warned there is no need to be tame with what the promo has revealed.

The Americans have come to Downton and it could be for the better or for the worst. Lady Cora’s mother Martha Levinson returns played by the feisty Shirley MacLaine. She makes a surprise visit with her son Harold. Paul Giamatti will be stepping in to play the troublesome in-law Lord Grantham had to rescue earlier on in the season. Which such a cast of course they’d be put to good use. Martha and Harold will cause untimely trouble. No pun intended on the untimely. Their arrival coincides with Edith’s advancing pregnancy.

As of yet the few people are in on the pregnancy, Edith’s aunt and grandmother, but how much longer will she be able to hide it. Her mother’s preoccupation with Lady Rose’s coming out for the “Season,” as such a debut would be called, will eventually come to an end. In the meantime Maggie Smith’s Dowager has to keep Edith hidden and play nice with her old enemy Martha. Martha is embracing the changing atmosphere in England during the twenties and informs the Dowager she better catch up. Would the Dowager push to see how modern she really is? There is one way she can find out.

Don’t miss the Christmas Special airing on Christmas Day. The surprises from it has to last you all the way until next September for Season 5!

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