Dwayne Wade Fathered Secret Love Child With “Friend” – How Can Gabrielle Union Still Want To Marry Him?

Dwayne Wade Fathered Secret Love Child With "Friend" - How Can Gabrielle Union Still Want To Marry Him?
Guess he didn’t need anyone to ruin his perfect life when he was so doing such a great job of it on his own. Dwyane Wade reportedly fathered a third son earlier this year. Unbeknownst to most of us, he and current fiancee Gabrielle Union had gone through a break or at best some breathing room when he decided to turn to a women whose he’s known for many years for comfort. As of yet she’s unidentified but the fact she was probably a hanger-on of his inner circle should play into the media’s demands over her identity.

What’s the main concern now is Gabrielle. She allegedly learned about the newest addition before she accepted Dwayne’s proposal. That was wise of Dwayne to tell her beforehand and frankly that was just dumb of Gabrielle to take him back much less agree to marry him. Dwayne had been undertaking sole responsibility for his two kids with ex-wife Siohvaughn Funches along with his nephew whom he also raises. This baby would be the fourth child that she is not the mother of. Who wants to marry a man with four kids and the last conceived during their break. A break implies there was a chance of reconciliation so why go sleep with someone she probably knows and may have come to like. And for all that is holy does no one remember to bring their own protection anymore. It should be a given!!!

Dwayne has always been a likable guy, but how could he fall into this well known trap. Just because he’s known this woman doesn’t mean he should have trusted her. I’m glad he manned up and is in involved with the newest baby and yet I don’t think he should have proposed to Gabrielle. With the newest info, it now seems like the ring was thanking her for staying with him. If the baby never happened then would he still have proposed? That’s the question Gabrielle should be asking herself!