Will Family Guy Ressurect Brian For Christmas Special Dec 15 – Before It’s Too Late

Will Family Guy Ressurect Brian For Christmas Special Dec 15  - Before It's Too Late

For the first time in along time the producers of the iconic tv show Family Guy could finally admit they went wrong with the script. As many of you know by now, the producers were looking for a way to shake things up and in our case that meant killing off Brian.  We love you, Brian and we miss you. The hilarious team he made with Stewie was well worth listening to all of Peter’s fart jokes. Brian was iconic enough that when he got quickly replaced by the family with another dog it felt like a slap in the face.

Just as we were nearly giving up hope for the show, the producers decided to change their stance. Wish this had worked with Cleveland but I am moving on. The return of Brian is surely helping out with that stage. According to Entertainment TV, “Yes, the beloved talking canine who met his demise in the Nov. 24 episode will pop back up on the animated Fox comedy in the Dec. 15 installment.So Yeah good news. Although I should be really clear when I say nobody has stated how Brian will return.

People can get all excited then realize at the last moment that Brian can return in a dream sequence, as a ghost, or possible drug hallucination. The whole “Brian is returning” could simply turn out to be nothing more than a myth. There is small space between not getting your hopes up and getting super exited – find that space and make it your friend.

The official plot for the “return” is: When Carter Pewterschmidt cancels the annual Quahog Christmas carnival, because he hates the holiday, Peter must transform his father-in-law from a Scrooge into a hometown hero in order to salvage the event. Meanwhile, Stewie devises a master plan to get the one and only thing he wants for Christmas.

Everyone thinks Stewie would want Brian back the most but he also really wants to kill Lois. Which wish will come first?

  • Angel 2009

    Don’t care how it happens! Just bring back Brian – permanently!