Farrah Abraham’s Boyfriend Watches Her Backdoor Teen Mom Sex Tape – Finds It Disgusting?

Farrah Abraham's Boyfriend Watches Her Backdoor Teen Mom Sex Tape – Finds It Disgusting?

Farrah Abraham was convinced that a sex tape would make her a household name rather than a fifteen-minutes-of-fame reality star and she was kind of right. Everyone is talking about her, but honestly, little of it is good. Even her ex-boyfriend, Marcel Kaminstein is disgusted by her recent foray into porn and he has very few positive memories of the few months that he spent dating Farrah.


Marcel told Celeb Buzz,

“My friends never really liked her. She was extremely rude. She doesn’t come off as a very nice person. It has to do with her being a little bit of a diva and something to do with fact that she’s always on and upholding an image rather than just being herself.”


Marcel was also shocked that Farrah would tap a porn star to bang on camera. He thought that she would go the classier route and film herself with a real boyfriend and accidentally on purpose leak the footage. I’m not sure why Marcel would think this though because if Farrah is all about image then surely she would only want to be caught on camera with a bonafide pro, a porn star like James Deen, right?

As for whether or not Marcel will be watching his notorious ex in action, he figures he’ll cave to the peer pressure. When all of his friends say that they’ve seen the video he figures he’ll need to watch it too, in spite of his embarrassment for being with a chick like Farrah.

Do you think Marcel would be talking to the press if he was that embarrassed? Is he just trying to get a little bit of press and some fame for himself here? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

  • the ugly truth

    Well you know her daddy is going to be watching…he’s her number one fan. Yeesh.

    • chlli

      why would he watch, he’s already been up in that.