Game of Thrones Season 4 Teaser Sneak Peek And Spoilers (VIDEO)

Game of Thrones Season 4 Teaser Sneak Peek And Spoilers (VIDEO)

Season 4 of Game of Thrones is coming! For those of us who’ve loved and read every single book, this is where we have to part with the series. As what many of have already notice – the hit show has been slowly but surely moving away from the original themes of the series. Never fear though… It’s not necessarily a bad thing. It just something that had to happen. They are only five books so far and our beloved George R. R. Martin goes years between books. It is highly questionable whether his books can remain ahead of fast paced TV show production.

Luckily enough the show is on its 4th season and is used to taking creative license every now and then. Nothing too noticeable yet but we should start mental preparation now. In other words we the readers are going to start being as shocked as everyone else. To adjust to our new circumstances we better start paying attention to the teasers and trailers now. Nothing is a guarantee. Like Arya once said: anyone can be killed!

Please be advised there are spoilers ahead. Spoiler Alert!

Continue at your own peril: In the first real teaser for Season 4, we are shocked to see King Joffrey still alive. Admittedly in the books he didn’t exactly make this far. However it will be nice to see how Joffrey will react to the return of his uncle/father Jamie. Jamie is no longer part of Kingsguard seeing as he ditched the armor and traded it in for a nobleman’s outfit. He was spotted in the teaser looking through papers being clean shaven while rocking his iron prosthetic arm. Cersei will no doubt be pleased about vast improvement in appearances over last season. But it might better if she played it safe around Jamie. With Joffrey still alive, he might not take his mother adding fuel to all of those illegitimacy rumors so well at the moment.

The Lannisters may have appeared to have won the war but they share a habit of turning on each other. Take poor Tyrion. His family loves to blame him for the smallest infractions however he was supposed to have moved up in the ranks since his marriage to Sansa. Well the teaser shows him in chains in front of a crowd while Sansa, who should be in mourning for her family, appears to be elated. At her circumstances and not her husband’s apparent trial in case you’re wondering. Whatever happened it seems like their marital alliance is over and for those of us who’ve read the books; we’re hoping the reason why she found this new happiness remains the same.

As for our dragon queen, she’s building a powerful army across the seas but when will she be satisfied with her troops. It’s starting to look like she wants to be more than Queen of Westeros if you get my drift. And here we thought world domination was only for villains.

Guess we’ll have to wait and see where her influence will grow and end. In the meantime, remember this was only the first teaser. I’m sure there are thousand tidbits just waiting to be dissected. Be out on the lookout for more.

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