General Hospital: Sabrina Puts A Wrench In Patrick and Robin’s Holiday Reunion?

General Hospital: Sabrina Puts A Wrench In Patrick and Robin's Holiday Reunion?

Everyone out there in General Hospital fan world has been rooting for Robin Scorpio and Dr. Patrick Drake to reconcile.  Since the moment Robin crashed Patrick and Sabrina’s wedding we hoped that Patrick would go home with Robin and their daughter Emma.  However, nothing is ever simple in Soap Opera world and Patrick loves both Sabrina and Robin and the decision of who to go home with is not as easy as we thought.

Although Emma loves Sabrina she assumed Patrick and Robyn would get back together again and they would be a family.  Once she found out that was not going to happen she asked her father Patrick when he would decide and Patrick promised he would make the decision by Christmas Day.

This week on General Hospital Patrick makes his choice and one of the two ladies Sabrina or Robin is disappointed.  Our spies who are usually pretty accurate tell us because it is Christmas Patrick will choose Robin and there will several heartwarming family scenes.  But as is usually the case in the Soap Opera world Happily Ever After generally lasts a minute or two.

Before the end of the month “complications” arise.  Now what could these complications be?  One complication could be Carlos.  We know Carlos gets shot in the shootout at Sonny’s warehouse and he ends up at Sabrina’s house.  Could Sabrina try to get Patrick to help Carlos?

However, another complication could be if Sabrina is pregnant with a little Drake Jr. on the way.  What do you think CDLers, is Sabrina pregnant?  Will this put a wrench in Robin and Patrick’s reunion?  Thoughts?

  • Angel 2009

    Really wouldn’t care for a Sabrina pregnancy storyline – too predictable and overplayed.

    • l.c

      Enough is enough no pregnant Sabrina …that so over played..I would STOP WATCHING

      • Angel 2009

        Please don’t stop watching even if the storyline goes in that direction. I would really hate to see GH disappear because of falling ratings – the last thing we need is another boring talk show. Love GH and will always be a devoted fan!

  • Jo

    I don’t care for another baby storyline. It’s been overplayed on GH.

  • Alice

    I think she ended up sleeping with Carlos and the baby is Carlos’

  • Evelyn Carrion

    Ugh!!! It Sabrina falls pregnant… I will stop watching GH!!!

  • Nidia Ponce

    I wanted Patrick to choose Sabrina! He cheated on Robin you know why because she’s boring Why couldn’t she have stayed dead! I don’t see the soal mate in them at all her soal mate died The fairytale was Sabrina he was her Prince Charming Carlos isn’t for her I can’t believe people would want that loser for her! Poor Sabrina at least robin had her family & Sabrina lost everything but Felix. I’m so sick if getting all invested and then they do this all the time I’m quitting general hospital for good this time!

    • Jamie

      lol you called Robin boring in an attempt to defend Sabrina but holy shit Sabrina is legitimately the most boring character on earth so that didn’t work out very well.

  • Carlos

    I think Patrick and Sabrina should be together, and I hope Sabrina is pregnant with Patrick’s baby,, they make a great couple…

  • acallforjustice

    Exactly, i believe the writers did an injustice when they brought her back, they should have brought her back then kill her off to end it with Patrick and Emma. It’s so lame that they are going to break up anyway in the long run

  • acallforjustice

    Same here!

  • acallforjustice

    I agree, and I know Patrick is lying to Robin!

  • acallforjustice

    I notice it when she was talking to Carlos just now

  • acallforjustice

    I couldn’t agree more!

  • acallforjustice

    Not only mousey…..but whiny, spoiled and selfish!

  • acallforjustice

    I can’t wait to see this, I bet in Patrick’s heart he really loves Sabrina and is with Robin because of what is suppose to be right Emma’s mom and dad being together, I wouldn’t want to be with a man who loves another woman, I think Robin knows that and is fearful look how quick she jumped and say yes lets visit Sabrina to say thanks for the gifts

    • MelK

      I totally agree. Sabrina represents the new Drake

  • acallforjustice

    When did she sleep with Carlos

  • Melissa Hallett

    I stopped watching when Kimberly left gh,I had no interest in Patricks player ways again I’m glad I didn’t watch that crap, now Sabrina might be pregnant if she is I won’t be watching gh again either,I didn’t have any problems giving gh up for two years I won’t have any problems stopping again so the minute Sabrina says I’m pregnant is when I say bye bye to gh .. I can’t stand scabrina she’s a whinny little brat and as much as fan I am I’m beginning to hate patrick aswell

  • Genal mckinley

    She didn’t ever sleep with carlos and Sabrina is not that kind of girl. She truly loves Patrick and he loves her. This is a soap and we know how they go. I think the writers just giving it a little twist. Which is good, but Patrick belongs to Sabrina. Britt baby was not patrick and he wants a baby now. I like robin to but she needs to move around.

  • MelK

    I agree. Love the two if them together, they are cute, passionate and sweet how it all came together. Drake would finally get future he wants with a new son. Life is not easy n things don’t naturally go people’s way and people change. This story would be worry watching! I would hate to see another stupid talk show. Soo pissed AMC n OLTL were cancelled.

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  • Bianca Mckenzie

    I mean thats what makes the story good