Harry Connick Jr. – American Idol Judge Official Announcement

Harry Connick Jr. - American Idol Judge Official Announcement

Ryan Seacrest who is the last original member of the team that made American Idol so popular years before has just broke the news on who will be sitting behind the judges table in the upcoming season. They have Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban and Harry Connick Jr. Could this be the trio that finally gives fans of American Idol what they want or will they once again fail?

The only two the people will have a problem with is Keith Urban and Jennifer Lopez, Urban is boring that you just really don’t care about his opinion; he’s as interesting as a wall. Lopez is just plain annoying; anything the woman says sounds fake and I can’t help but dislike her. But, Harry Connick Jr. did help mentor in season 12 and I think he’s actually a pretty good judge choice; he’s a likeable guy.

Randy Jackson will also be back but of course not behind the judges table; he’ll be a mentor for the contestants this year instead.

Let’s hope that this season is much better than the last season; the show had the lowest ratings in history since its debut. The winner Candice Glover was also a major embarrassment to the show, her first single released did the worst of any of the winners before her.  She won because she was the decently good amongst a crew of talentless singers. It’s a shame that Idol has sunken so low; they really need talent this year to not bore the viewers.