Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder Together for Christmas Holidays – Reality or Wishful Thinking?

Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder Together for Christmas Holidays - Reality or Wishful Thinking?

Last year at Christmas Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder were living together, out in the open as one of young Hollywood’s hottest couples. We all saw how that ended. By Oscar season they had split in a pretty messy fashion and by May they were through enough of the emotional upheaval to confirm the split to the media. Before confirming their togetherness, Ian and Nina had dated on the DL for nearly two years and in the end it seemed that keeping their private life truly private really had been in their best interest.

We have been telling you that the couple has slowly but surely gotten back together in recent months but it’s not something they are going to confirm. Instead they are keeping it quiet once again. Ian is still pimping out the charity organizations that he is involved with while Nina is posting photos of herself hanging with BFF’s like Julianne Hough and visiting the White House with her mother. Whatever Ian and Nina now share is most certainly going to remain private but from what we’re hearing, they will be making time for each other this Christmas holiday season.

Are you pulling for The Vampire Diaries couple to keep it together in real life? During their time apart both Ian and Nina were spotted with other people but it seems like whatever connection they shared was stronger than anything that they had going on with anyone else. Perhaps it was the pressure from the outside world that initially pulled them apart and this time around things will end up better. Do you think that Ian and Nina will prove to be the real deal in the end? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

  • Guest

    Really CDL? Because Nina just posted on her twitter pictures of her Julianne Hough and Derek Hough from the Utah and Nina and Ian are over from may and there are rumours and a picture of Ian with a woman at the restaurant the day before his Birthday so I believe that also Ian has moved on

  • Guest

    BTW Nina is in the Mountain with the Houghs

  • Hajira

    Nina pleaseeeeeee get back with Ian! you guys are the #1 on and off-screen couple EVER! ^O^/

  • Mimi

    She’s with Derek, NOT IAN!

  • Elliejayxxx

    I would love nina & ian to get back together that would be amazing they make a great couple but what ever happens I will support both of them all the way! I believe in you guys xxxxx ????

  • Deluded much

    Don’t tell me, is that source a desperate 41 year old who obsesses over Ian and Nina together so much she’s created secret sources and abuses anyone who suggests otherwise, or is it a Delena/Nian shipper, fairytales, rainbows fangirl source? Open your eyes. You don’t have to look hard. We are talking about CHRISTMAS here.

  • Deluded much

    Nina and Ian broke up in May, where have you been?

  • Kandy

    Did anyone else notice the thick mascara and red lipstick at the Hough publicity Christmas while hitting the slops and decorating a tree. Pre planned attention. But the media picked up on it within hours. Job well done. I hear Ian is in disguise and telling people at the airport to be quiet while travelling to his destination. What a difference!!

  • anonymous

    Only if she really appreciates him

  • hahaha

    we got Nina and Hough’s romantic sightings and pics near the tree
    instead of that. Ian is in Nola with his family and possibly with new
    lady as well. Nian fans should let go their conspiracy theory and stop
    pushing their deluional obession on others. Nian is over for good! Thank
    God! so stop writting stupid articles.

  • Guest

    Ian was in Baton Rouge Christmas Eve, buying a lot of flowers and vitamins at whole foods….

    • Memory

      The flowers is probably for his family. As for the vitamins, his trip to China is quite long and his time zone would change drastically, so he needs those supplements. I do think Ian is still single right now, which, for me, is the right thing to do. He probably wants a serious relationship at this stage in his life; no playing around for Mr. Somerhalder. Taking time to completely heal before jumping to another relationship is the best way to go. IMHO, he doesn’t want a rebound girl, he wants a wife.

  • Sarah

    How can Nian be together? They have not been together for Thanksgiving or Christmas, you think that is normal couple behavior? The media reports about them being together can’t be true and must be to drum up interest for the sites, magazines, TVD, etc. If Nina and Ian are together in any way it must be very casual at this time.

  • Memory

    Oh, Sarah, IMHO there’s not even a casual fling whatsoever. I see nothing there but co-stars who are cordial and not exactly close. Take a look at Ian’s relationship with his other castmates like Kat G., Candace A., Paul W., Steven Mc., and the newcomers–totally warm. You could feel them in their tweets how they completely adore Ian S. Compare that to Nina’s birthday greeting. Nina’s mom’s tweet and her cousin’s tweet are more sincere than hers. It seems better for Nina not to tweet Ian at all.

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