Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev Dating Again For Christmas: Holiday Hookup For Vampire Lovers

Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev Dating Again For Christmas: Holiday Hookup For Vampire Lovers

I think we all kind of figured that there was a chance that Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev would inch their way back together, right? The couple secretly dated for 2 years before confirming that they were indeed a couple. After that we had a front row seat as they hopscotched the globe doing charity work and the inundated Twitter with lovey dovey photos until suddenly last February it was just crickets. The couple never confirmed a split until May but by that time it was easy to read in between the lines to see that Ian was happily single as Nina randomly lashed out on Twitter.

Those first few times after the split when they were forced together to do Vampire Diaries media events it was awkward at best but in recent months there seems to have been a thaw. They have been caught hanging out and supporting each other away from work and Nina’s short lived fling with Derek Hough reportedly imploded when he realized how close the former couple still was.

So what’s the real deal? Well sources say that Nina and Ian have been hooking up for months and that their relationship is back on, but they are keeping things very quiet. They were at their best the first time around when they didn’t confirm that they were a couple. They just kept things private and didn’t have to deal with having every move documented in the press. It seems that they’ve realized that if they are going to make it as a couple then this is the way to do it. Don’t look for them to confirm or deny anything either – no special Christmas announcements. Ian and Nina seem to do best when they are just living in the moment together. Are you surprised that these two are back on? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

  • Lola

    He didn’t say a thing about being single or about Nina at the con, so please stfu and stop believing everything you read at the internet.

  • Amy

    If this is true then that is so awesome!!! They both make the best couple that the other could be apart of! If that makes any sense haha. I hope they are back together, no couple is perfect but they seem really close (:

  • Nicole

    Honestly I loved them as a couple and hope they do date again but i’m not getting my hopes up for something that might not happen and unless u no for sure like from ian and Nina themselves then its not true

  • CL

    This is true. Even though that rotten fruit “source” you are referring to may not be accurate with all of her info re Nian, I don’t think the rabid Nian “sources” have their info right either about Nian being together. It seems very far-fetched at this point to believe they are a couple. No couple spends all that time apart.

  • cl

    Sadly, I agree with this statement.

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  • Pam Dufresne

    I hope Ian and Nina are back together, but if they are they should, like before, keep it to them selves. Once they let it out all hell breaks loose. The media sometime isn’t your friend.