Nina Dobrev And Ian Somerhalder Friends Again – Moved Past Hate At Comic Con To Silence Tabloids

Nina Dobrev And Ian Somerhalder Friends Again - Move Past Hate At Comic Com To Silence Tabloids

So Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder publicly reunited at Comic-Con for the first time since their awkward encounter at the CW upfronts immediately after their breakup. Nina and Ian seemed to be fine, and gave interviews together and took pictures together. They seemed to be relaxed, but then again, they are actors.

Our sources tell us that even if they appeared to be fine, there was a lot of tension there. However, Nina and Ian apparently worked hard to appear normal so they could silence the endless tabloid rumors about them. Obviously, they have been filming together in Atlanta, so they had to get used to being in each others’ presence every day. While they’re not making things difficult for the other person or anybody else, there is undeniable awkwardness on set. And for people who were actually present during the Vampire Diaries panel, they were apparently ‘a little awkward’. It’s not visible from the video of the panel, so we can’t verify that, but it wouldn’t be surprising.

Nina and Ian were going out for a few years before their breakup and even after so much speculation and rumor mongering, nobody knows for sure the cause of their split. Some people say it’s cheating, others say it’s age, other say it was just timing. Some also say that it was their careers, and how they both wanted different things out of their future.

Keeping all that in mind, Nina is incredibly young and there was always a small chance that this relationship would survive. We should be glad that Nina and Ian are making it so easy for the cast and crew, and trying to keep the awkwardness to a minimum.

What do you guys think? Were any of you present during the panel, and if you were, what were Nina and Ian’s interactions like? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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  • Pamela

    They should at least be friends!

  • Anupya Pamidimukkala

    I really wish they rekindle their romance. And this is the 1st Comic Con they’re not sitting beside each other. I don’t know if they’re scared their blaring chemistry might cloud their mind and make them hook up again or what. But PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE GET BACK TOGETHER!

  • isha

    What the crap…Let Ian be,..Okay? whatever will be, will be

  • Leanne

    I think that their relationship was only because their characters had to have chemistry . Ian has dated crostars before and they have never worked out . I think he should be with someone who is not in the business someone who has the same values as him .