Ian Somerhalder Gives Up On Fifty Shades of Grey: Too Nice in Time Framed New Movie Trailer (VIDEO)

Ian Somerhalder Gives Up On Fifty Shades of Grey: Time Framed in New Movie Trailer (VIDEO)

If you’re one of the millions of women that adore Ian Somerhalder then you probably know that aside from perfecting that smoldering gaze, Ian also devotes an enormous amount of time towards preserving the earth and doing things that will help to unite people in one way or another. His latest film, Time Framed, allows the actor to have some high action fun on-screen while basically trying to save the earth. Sounds right up his alley, doesn’t it? Problem is that all this Mr. Good Guy doesn’t help build the image he needs to nail the role of Christian Grey in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie, right?

According to SinFactory Media,

Time Framed tells the story of Agent Truman Black (Ian Somerhalder), a gun-for-hire secret operative who is entrained to protect government and corporate interests in high-stakes missions. During his latest assignment to stop the supposed heist and expulsion of a revolutionary clean energy method that brings free power across the world, he finds himself framed and becomes a whistleblower that uncovers truths about control and corruption.

The trailer is out now so you can catch a peek of Ian in a tux, looking handsome while playing beat the clock in order to save the world. Do you think that this kind of project really makes sense for him? So many of his Tweets focus on what people can do to help each other and the planet that we live on and sometimes I have to wonder. Is this really a guy that will sit on a film set discussing Eco-friendly stuff with a gopher, or is it all part of the carefully crafted image that he has built. Do you think he is as invested as he says?

Here’s a thought too. If Ian has this good heart and really wants to do such great things- as we’ve seen him do- then would it be a stretch to see him as a Christian Grey type character onscreen? I think that’s why they call it acting, but still, do you think it would be harder for producers to even want to give him a shot at it? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

  • writer are you stupid? have you never seen Ian in The Vampire Diaries? Hello he is Bad Ass,Sexy, and Dangerous. The role of Christian Grey could have been created just for him. So no i do not think that he is too much of a “good guy” to be able to pull off this role. Hell it won’t even be the first time he does nude scenes. He had that role in Tell me you love me, so all around i feel he is Christian Grey.

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  • He’s PERFECT for Christian Grey!

  • JustLissy

    Apparently you haven’t read Fifty Shades cause Christian Grey is all about renewal energy (hence the solar helicopter) and energy sustainability… So Ian’s green movie is right on Christian Grey’s alley!! :)